Innovative, reliable, cost-effective and transparent. PPM works for you.

Pieret Project Management (PPM) was founded in 2008 with the aim of providing customers with an innovative and unique approach to Project Management.

PPM provides project management solutions and acts directly on behalf of you, the client, so although we employ specialist sub-contractors such as steelworkers, concrete suppliers, plumbers and various other specialists as per normal within the building industry, we differentiate ourselves in the market by choosing not to mark-up any prices on their services. Instead we offer up-front project management fees, and then do exactly what we say we will do – we manage the building process on behalf of our clients, drawing on our expertise and our network to ensure the process runs smoothly and is as cost effective as possible.

PPM is completely transparent with all associated building costs so that you receive no surprises at any stage of your construction and your budget is effectively managed throughout the entire construction process. From the initial planning stages right through to final completion PPM oversees every step, right down to signing off the completed snag list upon completion of all our jobs.

In addition PPM only works with reputable specialist contractors – each contractor we work with has undergone an intensive reference and review check prior to being included within our portfolio of service suppliers. This means our contractors have well-established working relationships not only with us, but with each other which speeds up the construction process and further reduces costs for you.

Contact PPM for more details about our work, or to have one of our representatives come out and give you a quote on your upcoming project.